Undertile Floor Heating

What Is An Undertile Heating System?

An undertile heating system is where you install durable, thin heating mats under your floor. Whether you are building a new space or renovating a room, an undertile floor heating may be the best option when you're looking for a home heating solution that is not only comfortable and energy efficient but also lasts for a long time. 

Ideal for any room with a hard floor surface like a bathroom, laundry or living area, it evenly heats the space from bottom up without the need for air ducts, vents or radiators. Temperatures and timers are set with either a manual or automatic thermostat giving you better control of your heating system. 

Why Should I Choose Undertile Floor Heating?

Also referred to as radiant floor heating, an electric undertile heating keeps the room consistently warm from the floor up. Unlike convection heating systems (like reverse cycle air-conditioning or ducted heating), radiant floor heating creates a comfortable environment without having to be set at a high air temperature. This makes them more comfortable and more efficient. 

The warm floor that is created by the heating cables also helps make the room much more comfortable. Convection heating systems may create hot air but the tiled floor is still cold under foot, and that is not pleasant for most people. 

You also benefit for a much better air quality with radiant heating compared with convection heating as there is very little air movementt, meaning no draughts and no dust (or allergens) circulating with blown air, and the air is not dry. 

What Is An Undertile DIY Kit and How Do I Use It?

An undertile floor heating DIY kit includes all the quality components you need to heat your home without the high costs of installation. Each kit has all the items you need plus a manual that would guide you step-by-step. 

Before ordering your kit, you need to size your mat first which we have provided a guide for.

Once you are ready to purchase your kit, you can head to the Undertile Kit options selection to customise what goes in your kit.

How To Size My Floor Heating Mat

How To Install My Undertile Kit

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Order My Kit

We made ordering your Undertile Floor DIY kit easy for you. 

First off, make sure that you have already sized your mat. We created an easy-to-follow guide so you get the proper mat size.
You can check the guide here

Once you have your right size mat, you can start customising your DIY kit by clicking the button below.