What Is An Overhead Heating System?

An overhead heating system utilises radiant heat to increase room temperature to comfortable levels during cold weather. It supplies heat directly from overhead panels. Because it is installed from the ceiling, it's a good heating solution when it comes to hard to heat areas.

A non-intrusive design also means you don't sacrifice the aesthetics of your space. Perfect to install either indoors or outdoors, these overhead heating panels work well for either indoor or outdoor spaces. Since there is no airflow, this is also ideal for people who are sensitive to allergens.

DIY Works Overhead Heating kits runs on electricity instead of gas. It comfortably heats the room by radiant heating.

(Also discuss how energy efficient this system is)

What Is Electric Strip Heating

An electric strip heating are made of panels that emit radiant heat. The panels are made of quality materials that are designed to comfortably heat the room while still being energy efficient.

When the panels heat the air through radiant heating, the energy moves through the air and only converts when it touches a surface. This means energy is not wasted unlike traditional heating systems that use air flow.

Radiant heating also ensures even heating through the room. Typically installed for studios, factories, warehouses, schools, churches, restaurants, community halls.