In Screed Floor Heating

What Is An In Screed Heating System?

An In Screed heating system uses heating cables that are embedded under the floor and within the cement bed. Typically, these are installed in bathrooms that need to have a fall to a drain or in large living areas. They require a sand-cement screed bad of at least 20 to 30 mm over which the tiles are laid. 

The best thing about an In Screed heating system is its ability to store heat and release that heat for some time even after the system is turned off. 

Why Should I Choose In Screed Floor Heating?

Similar to advantages of an undertile floor heating system, an in screed heating uses radiant heating that warms up the floor then radiates heat upwards the room. The result is always even room heating that's comfortable and energy efficient. 

It's affordable, easy to install and needs virtually no maintenance. In screed systems can also last up to decades and adds value to your property.

How To Size My In Screed Area

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