How To Size My In Screed Area

When ordering a DIY Works Kit, it is important to size your heating mat correctly.

Step 1: Draw the plan of the room

First step is to draw the plan of the space you would like to heat. You can either use a tape measure and manually draw the room. Or for the more tech-savvy, you can use an app to do this work for you.

Step 2: Don't forget to remove fixed furniture

Once the room is drawn, calculate the area and remove the area that will be taken by items where you do not heat (for example, shower, toilet, built-in wardrobe, kitchen island, pretty much anywhere that will have a permanent fixture over it where there is a risk of drilling into the floor).

Note that while it is technically feasible to heat in the shower area, we don't recommend it for several reasons:

  • The tiles get heated as you taking a shower.
  • Depending on the design of the bathroom, the shower screen can be screwed down to the floor, with a risk of damaging the cable.
  • Laying down the mat can be difficult if there is a strip drain that separate the shower area to the rest of the bathroom.

Step 3: Choose the cable length according to the area you're going to heat. You need to consider if you are heating a dry area or a wet one as the cable length you'll need vary with this factor.