Floor Heating Solutions

What is Floor Heating?

Looking for a suitable heating solution for your home can sometimes be intimidating without totally understanding the advantages and disadvantages of different types of home heating systems. In this guide, we focus on floor heating solutions. Hopefully, this helps you decide if this is something that is right for you and your family.

Floor heating is ideally installed in bathroom and other small rooms. It works by installing heating coils underneath the flooring. These coils, usually powered by electricity, give out radiant heat so temperature is consistent and even through the area where the system is.  Because most floor heating systems are controlled by a thermostat and retains some heat even after turning it off, your home can stay warm without hurting the budget.

Installation itself is straightforward (and may we say.. fun!). DIY heating kits are available whether you are building new or renovating. It also works under a variety of floor coverings such as tiles, timber, carpet, marble and slate. Once installed, you don't have to worry about maintenance. Good quality kits may even last up to 30 years!

Below are two types of DIY kit floor heating systems.

Undertile Floor Heating

Undertile floor heating systems utilise durable thin mats that are ideal for renovations. Since mats are thin, they do not raise floor level even if placed on top of an existing subfloor. These are perfect for small areas like the bathroom, laundry rooms and bedrooms. 

Unlike other heating systems, undertile installation radiates from the floor towards the rest of the room. This creates a comfortable and even heating inside the room. To manage the temperature, a manual or programmable thermostat is included in the kit for convenience and energy efficiency.

In Screed Floor Heating

In screed floor heating systems are heating cables embedded directly in the concrete and can work with any floor coverings.  There are no ducts, fans, vents needed so it does not take up essential floor space. This type of floor heating system retains heat much longer compared to undertile mats making this cost-efficient. 

An in screed is typically installed during new construction and ideally in large areas like the living room or master bedrooms.  Similar to undertile mats, the heating cables give off radiant heat that warms the room evenly. 

Advantages Of A Floor Heating System

✔ Easy to install

✔ More affordable than traditional heating systems as you save on installation fees

✔ Consistent and even radiant heat through the room

✔ Energy efficient with programmable thermostat

✔  Adds value to your home

‎✔ Does not take up valuable floor space

✔ Works with various floor coverings

✔ Virtually does not need maintenance

✔ Perfect for family members who suffer from allergies as there's no moving air or draughts

✔ Mats are guaranteed for up to 30 years

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Floor Heating Solutions