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Yes, you can. Although an in screed heating system is ideally for bigger room areas, it can also be an option for small rooms like bathrooms as long as there's room for additional floor height. The cables are needed to be embedded in 20-30mm of screed so you need to take this into consideration.

The great thing about undertile floor heating is once you installed it, it is virtually maintenance-free. Mats are also under warranties of up to 25 years. This is one of the few things that pus real value to what you spend on it whilst also adding value to your property.

An electric inscreed heating system uses radiant heating that heats from the floor up. The heat then spreads to the objects creating an even and comfortable temperature.

This can be installed with any floor finish - carpet, timber, tiles, stones and others. As long as there's some flexibility when it comes to floor height as embedding an in screed heating system adds some mm to your floor.

We recommend it as it helps quicken heating times which in return reduce running costs. Adding insulation boards to small areas like bathrooms, powder rooms is highly suggested as these are areas that require shorter heating times.