About DIY Works

Our Story

DIY Works was born from a bunch of guys working in the heating industry. Our passion? Spreading our love of quality floor heating.

However, we became increasingly frustrated at not being able to spread that love to families that couldn't afford the installation.

So how can we make underfloor heating more accessible? The solution is not to sell cheap, crappy products that would last a couple of winters before failing. You need to be confident in what will be incorporated in your home for the next 30 years!

No, our solution is actually to help you to do the installation so that you can save on the installation cost rather than the product cost!

DIY Works was born.

Our Products

Our mission is to help Australian families to get great quality do-it-yourself kits at affordable prices. 

We specialise in DIY home heating solutions. DIYers appreciate how we build these kits, combining components from the most reliable suppliers in the home heating industry. 

The DIY kit includes all items you need to install your home heating solution. We understand that each home has unique needs. And this is why we made these kits customisable. You can select options that are best suitable for your family's needs.

Our current product range includes:
- Undertile floor heating kit
- In screed floor heating kit
- Overhead heating kit

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