What are the Features and Benefits of Electric Underfloor Heating?

Customers ask us: why should I install electric under floor heating? Here are the benefits of Electric Underfloor Heating.

Broad Application

Electric under floor heating is ideal for bathrooms and ensuites, but is suitable for any types of room. It works well under floor covering such as tiles, stone, marble, slates, carpet and timber floors.

Maintenance Free

Electric under floor heating systems are virtually maintenance free. A good quality cable for under floor heating can last up to thirty years

Best for comfort

What is the main reason one would want a heating system? Comfort! And this is where under floor heating shines: radiant heat, as opposed to convective heat, is the most comfortable way to heat a space. Plus because it heats the whole space evenly, it doesn't create the usual cold or hot spots that we experience with air conditioning systems.

Limits allergens

Floor heating provides a comfortable level of heating from the floor up and considerably reduces the amount of travelling dust particles that are usually stirred up by air conditioning systems. This is a great relief to allergy and asthma sufferers.

Easy to Install

Contrary to central heating systems such as air duct systems or hydronic floor heating systems, electric heating systems are very easy to install: you just need to lay down heating mats  before the tiler comes, and Bob's your uncle! 


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